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Private Teacher List: Studying your instrument privately is the single, most important thing a young musician can do to improve as a player.  Lessons range from 30-60 minutes a week depending on the teacher, and prices will vary.  If you have any questions, email Mr. McWhorter.



Leslie Cissell 606-682-4201
Agatha Clixby 801-0471
Cristina Cosoreanu 270-366-2972 UK Student
Cassandre Crawford 319 541-0892 FCPS
Grace Doty 269-0575
Laura Fallon 717-781-2508 UK Student
Ned Farrar 268-1984 FCPS
Lindsay Grow 321-3026 UK Student
Clair Hess 269-6694 Woodford Co.
Elizabeth Jones 273-9991 Music Inst. Of Lexington
Kristen Kline 361-2675 UK Student
Eloise Lewis 863-2907
Yeh-Hsin Lin 335-0518
Megan Lineberry 904-687-6287 UK Student
Melissa Lore 402-0848
Nancy Stoner 361-9590 FCPS, Retired
Meg Saunders-Pickett 312-1936
Jessica Tzou 859-979-2436 UK Student


Joanna Binford 859-338-9360
Lubitza Braikova 205-886-0542 UK Doctoral Candidate
Dale Jones 859-744-6659
Melissa Nabb 273-9991 Music Inst. Of Lexington


Clyde Beavers 266-3476
Yoonie Choi 273-9991 Music Inst. Of Lexington
Emilia Davidson 361-0624
Katheryn Fister 420-6545 FCPS
Geoffrey Hershberger 949-433-4432 UK Doctoral Student
Rebecca Kiekenapp 269-9880
Marsha Pendley 269-2988 FCPS, retired
Josh Rayburn 859-816-0160 EKU Student
Maggie Thomson (270) 577-7823 UK Student


Danny Cecil 806-0028 Jazz
Sue Lucas 278-2093 FCPS, retired
Ben McWhorter 494-4078 FCPS
Karl Olsen 502-558-5538 UK Prof.
Nathan Wilson 272-8899 FCPS


Arlene Rector (harp) 269-8254
Judi Reynolds (piano) 396-1944 FCPS

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